Our Achievements


Since we take our promises extremely seriously, we implement a strict procedure throughout our operations team to ensure that client safety, security and discretion remains most important. Although our accomplishment lies in the quality of our services, the truth is that the quality of services can only be realized after ensuring complete safety for the clients. There are a variety of courses that are a requirement for all our chauffeurs to complete. They have been trained and certified by BSR, a premier training specialist in diverse disciplines. A more specific list of courses has been added below to satisfy all your needs:

  • Terrorist Operations & Surveillance Detection – Our chauffeurs are always on high alert and immediately spot a suspicious person or vehicle appearing multiple times in the vicinity. They also recognize people who are waiting in a nearby parked car for an extended amount of time. Our chauffeurs have been specially trained to spot danger and thereby take measures to ensure passenger safety at all times.
  • Advanced Vehicle Control – This adds an extra layer of safety to the driving. Humans can sometimes be inefficient but not automated modules. These affect car control and vehicle dynamics to a high degree, making the trip significantly safer and allowing room for minimum human errors.
  • Close Proximity Driving – Our chauffeurs undergo some of the most rigorous training programs which involve them to demonstrate their ability to skillfully maneuver their vehicle in between moving objects without making physical contact. This test is challenging, and we make sure that all our chauffeurs have passed this training program with flying colors. The purpose of this assessment is to train the chauffeur for emergency or unexpected occurrences and how they have to handle them.
  • Precision Intervention Technique (PIT) – This training program is designed to send a suspect’s vehicle into a tailspin, thereby ending a possible pursuit. We take your safety very seriously, and hence when we say we are equipped for anything and everything, it’s true. In case of a chase, our chauffeurs are most capable of employing this technique for the safety of the client in emergencies. The aforementioned courses barely scratch the surface as to how thorough our screening process is.

Some of the other equally rigorous training courses that our security trained chauffeurs have completed are listed below:

  • Backing “Y” & “J” Turns
  • Combative Training
  • Driver Down – Passenger Front Seat Driving
  • Barricade Breaching (RAM)
  • Street Line Driving
  • Crowd Control
  • Attack Recognition
  • Barricade Confrontations
  • Car Shoot Demonstration
  • Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) Familiarization
  • Fully Armored Vehicle (FAV) Familiarization
  • Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Vehicle Search
  • Attack Scenarios

iSedan LLC is properly licensed and has proper operating authority in Maryland, DC and Virginia. We are current with all permits at Thurgood Marshall (BWI) Airport, Ronald Reagan (DCA) Airport and Dulles International (IAD) Airport. Ground control transportation is provided at all private FBOs which include Signature, Jet Aviation, Jet Center and any other FBO. In addition, we have security clearance at Martin State (MTN) Airport.